High-voltage training Electromobility eMobility – Instruction high-voltage vehicles

High-voltage training Electromobility eMobility – Instruction high-voltage vehicles: https://meyleag.elearningplattform.com/

For safe handling of high-voltage systems in motor vehicles, MEYLE offers an e-learning training course on the subject of high-voltage vehicles.

In the first chapter “Introduction” we talk about electromobility and the technical environment. You will learn about the history of high-voltage drives and we will give you an overview of the situations in which you may come into contact with high-voltage vehicles.

In the second chapter, “Technology”, you will gain an insight into the technology in the vehicle. We show you the differences between the various drive topologies. We compare the powertrain of battery electric vehicles (BEV) with that of plug-in vehicles (PHEV) and full hybrids (HEV).

In the third chapter of our e-learning course “Legal”, you will learn about the legal framework. Why are you sitting here in the self-study? And what is the legal situation in your company?

In the next chapter, “Hazards”, we will show you the risks posed by a high-voltage system and how you can counteract them in your daily workshop routine. Here you will learn about the effects of electric shocks and arcs on the human body.

In the fifth chapter “First Aid Effect / First Aid” you will get an overview of the special features of “First Aid” in case of electric accidents.

Afterwards, in the last chapter “Summary”, we will reflect once again on the contents learned in chapters one to five.

The training session lasts about 1.5 hours. You have the possibility to adapt the contents to your personal working speed. You can pause the content and then return to it later at the same point. You can also jump back to the previous chapter at any time.

So let’s go! Click here for the training: https://meyleag.elearningplattform.com/

E- Learning
The technical innovations of recent years have greatly changed teaching and learning. E-learning is learning with digital media and is steadily gaining in importance, especially in times of pandemic. At MEYLE we want to offer our customers an alternative to traditional face-to-face learning.

Participation is easily possible from mobile devices as well as from a computer and takes about 1.5 hours. You can pause the training at any time and work at your own pace.

If you successfully pass the knowledge level test at the end of the training, you will receive a certificate from us. This certificate entitles you to work on high-voltage vehicles in connection with an instruction in the company.

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